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Our Mission

To Empower Women artists by showcasing and promoting their talents with enthusiastic integrity. Dedicated to building impactful, creative, reciprocating relationships that benefit and sustain the artist as well as the community. "We nurture humanity not vanity”

TeXchromosome is a non-profit organization founded and operated by seasoned female musicians who selflessly give of their time and resources as a labor of love for music and the arts


  • We provide a yearly scholarship (TeX Music Award) to a chosen performing female artist to help fund her expenses and goals of her dreams.
  • Terrestrial airplay and interviews on our Women’s international radio show
  • Sponsor female songwriting festivals stages
  • Career workshops and creative Writing retreats


Meet Alice Wallace Our 1st Tex Music Award Winner !

In this new climate of #TimesUp and #MeToo, women are finally feeling empowered to stand up to their aggressors. And this latest single from Southern California recording artist Alice Wallace continues this important conversation by addressing the compromises women have to make to move through the world - how women learn early on that the simple act of walking through an empty parking lot or getting a drink at a bar bring an inherent risk. Women are being asked to "live quiet as a mouse in a room full of elephants.”

Meet Kay Miracle

Bare Bones Americana Artist. No matter what incarnation you see her in, be it Kay & The Miracle Cure, Ghost Town Ramblers, or Buck Naked. It is she who shines through. North East /West Representative.

Meet Colleen Lloy

Nashville Singer - songwriter songstress. Colleen is representing TeXchromosome on the Last Honky-Tonk Music Series Auditorium stage in Morgan City, LA.